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When you use Radionomy to produce your radio station you can customize your programming with published music from your own collection or from our library of podcasts.

You can manage your station with personalized shoutouts, voicetracks, interviews, and more. We also share your station with the top radio directories, so you can reach fans around the world and make money.


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What services does Radionomy offer?

Discover and experience radio like never before! Radionomy is one of the largest online radio networks in the world and provides a whole host of services that makes it easy to create your online radio station for free:


We are totally free with absolutely no listener limits.

Music Licensing Coverage

We have got you covered. We cover all the music licensing necessary to stream online. You just program the music and content you love.

Online Automation/Scheduler

Use the RadioManager online to manage your station 24/7. Or go live! Explore our professional radio scheduler to make your station sound exactly how you want it.

Third party directories & APIs

Radionomy has partnerships with all the major online radio directories and devices…and that list is growing! Today you’ll be heard on iTunes, SHOUTcast, Sonos, AppleTV, and many more.


Your stat dashboard shows you daily how your audience is doing, where they are listening from, and what directories and players are most popular with your fans.

Hosting, Streaming & Servers

We take care of all the hosting and streaming for you. We offer high quality 128K unlimited streams.

Customizable Players

Add a player to your website, blog, and social media networks. Get a free mobile app for iOS and Android devices, too!

Music & Audio Content Library

Upload tracks from your own personal library. You’ll also find jingles, news, weather reports, and podcast content to help you program a professional sounding station.

Earn revenues

Reach a large audience and we reward you with direct cash.

Tools & Support to get started

Your radio station is online, but this is just the beginning. Plenty of information and tools are available to help you follow your station's growth and to help you promote it.

Quick Guide

Check out our Quick Guide to get online in no time!


Our active community of producers and skilled moderators create a place where you can ask for help, get advice, share stories, and learn how to make the most of your station!

It is time to get your own radio station!