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A compter du 1er janvier 2020, Radionomy migrera vers la plateforme Shoutcast. Cette évolution s’inscrit dans la volonté du groupe de proposer à tous les producteurs de radios digitales de nouveaux outils professionnels pour mieux répondre à leur attente.

Shoutcast est depuis longtemps le leader mondial de la radio numérique. Il fournit des statistiques détaillées, et aide ses utilisateurs à développer leur audience. Plus d’un millier de partenaires relaient les stations de Shoutcast sur leurs applications et appareils connectés.

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With a shared love of pop music, bad jokes and the dream of being in a rock band, singer/guitarist Joe Paine and bass player Adam Barrah moved from their small hometown in west Wales to the bustling streets of Cardiff in search of a better life. Joe and Adam were soon attending open mic nights and playing acoustic gigs around the city. Without a drummer to back them up Joe often played tambourine with his foot. They entertained the crowd with songs and the aforementioned bad jokes, but they weren't a 'proper' band... yet. During a brief stint at university in Cardiff Joe met guitarist Oliver Miles, who quickly bonded with Joe and Adam through a shared musical love of The Libertines, Radiohead and My Bloody Valentine, to name a few. Soon Ollie was ready to join OK and started playing acoustic gigs with the band. Now all that was needed was a drummer... and a good one at that. It was a cold winter's night before Christmas 2009 and the three band members were shivering outside the Cardiff Arts Institute. Joe had just received a text from the most recent potential drummer explaining that he didn't want to join. Things we're starting to look very bleak indeed for OK as the boys grumbled and stared at their shoes. Perhaps it was some Christmas magic in the air, who knows, but suddenly a vision appeared, lit ny a street light on the other side of the road. There stood the silhouette of a boy... holding a drum in each hand. This vision was drummer David Powell who, as luck would have it, had just quit his previous band the Innercity Pirates. After listening to some of OK's songs he agreed to join. A week later, OK returned to the Cardiff Art's Institute to play their first show with Dave. A string of high energy performances in Cardiff and London followed, to the delight of band members and music fans alike.OK released their debut album 'Under the Weather but Over the Moon' in March, 2010, at a glorius album launch in the Buffalo Bar, Cardiff. With summer on the way, the boys are now organising a UK tour which will include dates back home in Pembrokeshire and away in all the best cities in Britain, watch this space.

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