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Seabear is a Icelandic six piece indie-folk band from Reykjavik, Iceland.
Although hailing from Iceland, they sing primarily in English.
They are signed to the Morr Music record label. Seabear started as a one-man project of Sindri Már Sigfússon in 2003.
Performing for some time as a trio from 2005, the Seabear outfit eventually ended up as a seven piece in 2006.
Other members of Seabear are Halldór (Dóri) Ragnarsson, Örn Ingi, Sóley Stefánsdóttir, Kjartan Bragi Bjarnason, Guðbjörg Hlín and Ingibjörg Birgisdóttir.
In 2008 Ingibjörg stopped playing live with the band to follow up her art. In 2007 Seabear released their debut album The Ghost That Carried Us Away on Morr Music.
Their second LP, We Built A Fire was released in March 2010.
The band is currently (as of July 2011) working on their third LP. Seabear's most renowned song is "I Sing I Swim" - the music video for the song was viewed more than 1,050,000 times on YouTube as of July 2011. Seabear have toured Europe and the U.S.
over the years and have played numerous festivals.


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