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BOAgraphy BOA was formed by accident.
On purpose.
The brothers Botond Bokor and Attila Bokor had been writing music both together and separately ever since they had learned their first chords on the guitar.
A constant extension of their musical register resulted in a number of songs that they initially kept to themselves. The step "out of the closet" came on a late summer night's eve '08 when their cousin Orsi Toró came to visit them in the fair city of Gothenburg.
During the evening when the mood was on top, the guys grabbed hold of each guitar, Orsi joined in with her singing and suddenly BOA had been created. The band now wants to put themselves on the map and become visible to the world, so now they are playing gigs at different venues. At the moment BOA consists of five members: Orsi Toró on vocals, Botond Bokor on acoustic guitar, Attila Bokor on electric guitar, William Seidl on drums/cajun and Olof Gadd on bass.
It is still the original trio that provides the songs, but each one of them adds their own flare to the music. BOA does not want to change the world; they just want to be their while it..s spinning.
They can't really put a finger on exactly what genre they are playing, but they hope that it is something that people want to listen to.So let the music play and listen.


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