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Lorenzo Al Dino

Lorenzo al Dino aka 7th District Inc.
Disco-/Biography Age unknown, 3 internationally successful record companies, thousands of DJ gigs, 4 albums as an artist, 2 music awards, 1 platin, 1 double platin & 1 gold award, 1 number 1 hit in UK, produced more then 400 records and finally won the Dj European Championship. Can success be quantified? Probably.Can Dj Lorenzo be quantified? No. Even though the above mentioned figures are impressive, the Lorenzo phenomenon isn't explicable by numbers.
But you can explain it by telling his life story.
Born in Lecce, South Italy, Lorenzo achieved a worldwide breakthrough without compromising, without bending himself in any way.
After so many years as a DJ and label boss he is still cutting edge, still lives today, is still hipper than any twentysomething.
A star DJ without an interest in drugs, an ardent supporter of the FC St.
Pauli footbal team, who collaborates with many brands, who adores his girlfriend's pasta, kicked off the eighties revival almost singlehandedly and rocked just about every club from New York to Tokyo.
All that in a single lifetime.
That is DJ Lorenzo al Dino. Remixes, productions, compilations2013 Deep FM - yes! (Album)2013 Deep FM ft Cope - with or without you (tba)2013 Lorenzo al Dino & Deep Josh ft Cope - kiss (tba)2012 Lorenzo al Dino & Deep Josh - wicked game (2012 rmx)2012 7th District ft Austin Howard - on the beach (2012 rmx)..and many more... 2011 Lorenzo al Dino & Deep Josh ft Cope - lullaby2011 Celine Roscheck - tango bello 2011 Celine Roscheck - stressless 2011 Celine Roscheck - string me2011 Sonique - cannot let u go (album single)2011 Jockey Club - Session 8 (compilation) 2011 On the Beach 6 / EQ Music (compilation)2010 Lorenzo al Dino - espresso2010 Lorenzo al Dino ft Cati Bello - life is a bitch2010 Lorenzo al Dino ft E-Mix - remind2010 Lorenzo al Dino ft Dominiqe de Larrard - breathe in the air2010 Lorenzo al Dino - diamond life (Remixes)2010 Jockey Club - Session 7 / Royal Plastic - CD Compilation2010 On the Beach 5 / EQ Music - Compilation2010 El Tiburon - Formentera / Royal Plastic - CD Compilation2010 Lorenzo al Dino & Salon de Musique / Royal Plastic - Digital Album2010 Lorenzo al Dino - life is a remix (solo album, Cd & digital)2010 Lorenzo al Dino pres.
- mountain de luxe 4 / EQ Music2009 Lorenzo al Dino - diamond life (solo album, Cd & digital)2009 Jockey Club - Session 6 / Royal Plastic - CD Compilation2009 The Funktuary - set the sun alight2009 Lorenzo al Dino ft Dominique de Larrard - Villa Allende2008 Lorenzo al Dino & Deep Josh - wicked game (feat.
Austin Howard)2008 Deep Fm - Bridget lost in space2008 Salon de Musique - stressless2008 Angie Brown - your love (2008 rmx)2008 Louis Botella -I feel love2008 Phunk Investigation - your love2008 Dominique de Larrard - Lili was here2008 Lolosan - revolution (Josh back to tech mix)2008 Alan Pikes - up (The Rokkafellaz r.i.p.
mix)2007 7th District Inc.
Austin Howard - big bubbles, no troubles (rmx)2007 7th District Inc.
Austin Howard - on the beach 2007 rmx2007 7th District Inc.
Daniela de Lima - mais lind theme2007 7th District Inc.
- diamond life (single)2007 7th District Inc.
- una vez mas 2007 7th District Inc.
Beverley T.
- gypsy dream2007 7th District Inc.
- sunrise2007 7th District Inc.
Deed - heaven2007 7th District Inc.
Austin Howard - big bubbles, no troubles2007 Rooftop Cats - the sun goes up2007 Montfort - mar y sol2007 Club Cruisers - loveboat2006 Shik Stylko - black jack2006 Alibi - I'll waiting for love2006 Sistars - inspirations2006 Lolosan - revolution2006 7th District Inc.
Austin Howard - on the beach / Re-styled 2005 Arash - boro boro2005 Lorenzo al Dino - Lorenzo's oil e.p.2005 Pepe Link - minimar2005 Soulmagic - yah yah2005 Britalics - I can C through U2005 7th District Inc.
Austin Howard - on the beach 20052005 7th District Inc.
Nadeen Holloway - love U more everyday 2005 7th District Inc.
Angie Brown - your love 2005 7th District Inc - tagomago 2004 Pray 4 More - breakin away2004 Deep Rules - wait 2004 7th District Inc.
David Lenis - copacobana 2004 7th District Inc.
Hubert Tubbs - feel real2004 7th District Inc.
- 27/4 (Re-styled)2004 7th District Inc.
- love breeze2003 7th District Inc.
- 24/72003 7th District Inc.
Beverley T.
- let life shine2003 Michelle Week & Dawn Tallman - joyful noise2003 Manuel Ortega - fed up with2003 Sant & Matteo Esse feat.Chance - you & me (in Miami)2003 Edyta - the story so far2003 Morris T.
Barbara Tucker - let me be2003 Narada Michael Walden - I shoulda loved you2002 Bootsy Collins feat.
Kelli Ali - play with Bootsy2002 The Stranglers - golden brown2002 Narada Michael Walden - tonight2002 Brent Laurence - spirit2002 Factor 15 - twisted by the pool2002 Hear'Say - lovin' is easy2002 Joe Adams - dancing2002 Enrique Iglesias - escape2002 Patricia - open sesame2001 Maxee - this is where I wanna be2001 S Club 7 - you2001 Count Basic - ain't you had enough2001 Tamee Harrison - does he love me 2001 Atomic Kitten - turn me on2001 Vanessa Amorosi - have a look2001 Vanessa Amorosi - absolutely everybody 2001 Del Vegas feat.Odrey - felicidad 2001 Austin Howard - real women2001 Lisa Hunt - stand up2001 Soulsearcher - I can't get enough2001 Superglas - sunshine 2001 Mamasito - caliente2001 B2Crazy - dream about you2001 Brown Sugaar - freack out2001 Deep fm - how many nights2001 Deep fm - sunset2002 7th District Inc.
- bootyshaker2000 7th District Inc.
Beverley T.
- destiny2000 7th District Inc.
Janine Cross - all the things you are (remixes)2000 7th District Inc.
- jazz2000 7th District Inc.
- deep fm2000 Tamee Harrison - a little bit 2000 Niki Haris - prayin (for love) 2000 Black Masses - give it all you got2000 Spiller - groove jet2000 Kylie Minogue - please stay2000 Tom Jones & Heather Small - you need love like I do2000 Supersister - shopping 2000 Glenn Sakazian - buck the system2000 Time Square - I don't know 2000 Charly Brown - good thing 2000 David Lenis - la colegiala2000 Cluba - bailando el rumba2000 Dhafer Yussef - heartbeat 2000 Madness - baggytrousers 2000 Kylie Minogue - spinning around2000 Gloria Gaynor - late night2000 Hi-Rise - givin'it up2000 Jon Banfield - whenever you want me1999 7th District Inc.
Janine Cross - burnin 1999 7th District Inc.
Janine Cross - all the things you are1999 7th District Inc.
- samba in space 1999 7th District Inc.
Procter/Miller - getaway 1999 7th District Inc.
Janine Cross - what a night1999 Martin Miller - this time is love1999 Giorgio Moroder - reach out 1999 Michael Procter - paradise1999 Tina Turner - when the heartache is over1999 Jamelia - thinking about you1999 City Liquers - yohm theme1999 City Liquers - herb for herbie1999 City Liquers - love & money1999 Bobobo Club - games we like to play1999 Count Basic vs.
7th District Inc.
-licence to kill 1998 Kid Creole & the Coconuts - I got my handy on1998 Alison Limerick - where love lives 1998 Hot Pants Road Club - gimme good lovin´ 1998 Klub Zoo feat.
Brian Chambers - higher love 1998 Shawn Benson - keep standing1998 Deep Swing feat.
Xavior - shelter1998 Kid Creole vs.
7th District Inc.
- stool pigeon 99 1998 7th District Inc.
W.Thompson - music takes my high 1998 7th District Inc.
Michael Procter - work! it 1998 7th District Inc.
Mystic Aura - fortuneteller 1998 7th District Inc.
E-Mix - the bottle 1997 Gosh! - get up (on your feet) ...
more Productions 1996 Mar y Sol - sunset1996 DSP feat.
Terence F.M.
- keep on steppin1996 Blue Kangaroos - a.s.jam 1995 Woody Thompson - love's no game (remix) 1995 Mar y Sol - sunrise e.p. 1995 Woody Thompson -love's no game 1994 The Housequeen - do it your own way 1994 Woody Thompson - there's some feeling1994 Tribal Men - jammin`1993 Nadeen Holloway - happy (remix) 1993 Nadeen Holloway - happy1993 Master of Vibration - be crazy 1993 Temple of House - house is a feelin 1990 Mc Billy D.
- unbelievable1989 Whole Wild World - speeding bullet1988 Corry - I love the nightlife1987 City Punch - fun in Ibiza more CD Compilation/Album 1995 Club House Traxx Vol.
1 -fierce1996 Ltd.
Edition Compilation - club culture / Technic/Panasonic- Japan1996 World Aids Day Compilation - together / Aids Benefiz - Austria1998 Golden House Traxx - elemental house / Ministry of Music-Austria 1999 7th District Inc.
- the world of 7th District Inc.
/ BMG Ariola- Austria2000 7th District Inc.
- vienna vibrations 1 / Sony Music- Austria2001 7th District Inc.
- vienna vibrations 2 / Sony Music- Austria2003 Lorenzo al Dino aka 7th District Inc - from the beach to the club2004 Lorenzo al Dino aka 7th District Inc - from the beach to the club 22005 Lorenzo al Dino presents - on the beach - Ibiza / Warner Music2005 Lorenzo al Dino presents - Yemanja - Cala Jondal 2005 Lorenzo al Dino select & mix - I'm lovin it / Edel Records 2006 Lorenzo al Dino pres.
- on the beach 2 - Ibiza / Warner Music 2006 Lorenzo al Dino pres.
- mountain de luxe / Warner Music2007 Lorenzo al Dino pres.
- on the beach 3 - Ibiza 7 Warner Music 2007 Big Mic & Lorenzo al Dino - Jockey Club Salinas - Session 4 2007 Lorenzo al Dino pres.
- yemanja - Cala Jondal 22008 Lorenzo al Dino pres.
- mountain de luxe 2 / Warner Music2008 Lorenzo al Dino pres.
- on the beach 4 / Warner Music2008 Lorenzo al Dino & Waldeck - Jockey Club - Session 52008 Searching for the summer 2008 - Summer 2008 / Marketagent Filmmusic & Jingle for Commercials 2002 Thanks givin' (with Marianne Sägebrecht)2005 Coca Cola, Fanta, Laufen Ceramic, Sieger Design, Mc Donaldsand many more2006 Red Bull Air Race DVD


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Mais Linda Theme feat. Daniela de Lima


Diamond Life


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