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Magic Music

This is a Radionomy station

Classic / Hits / Rock'n'Roll / Oldies / Folk

Listening to the radio all day was something people did when I grew up. Today, there is no such radio. Even Sirius XM gets it all wrong. We correct the errors. When we play 50's, it is true 50's Music. But we play it all, and everyone is gonna love the change! Doris Day fans (the ones who are not fickle) should appreciate the emphasis on Ms. Day; we play as much of her music as allowed because she is our favorite.

Last tracks played

Connie Britton; Will Chase

Ball and Chain

on air

Josh Turner

Just To Be Your Man

Johnny Cash

I Walk The Line

Johnny Ray with Doris Day

A Full Time Job

Kenny Chesney

Me And You

Dolly Parton

Sugar Hill

Jamendo 10

Jamendo 10