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Missing Persons

Missing Persons is an American band that plays a blend of new wave and pop rock.
The band was founded in 1980 in Los Angeles by guitarist Warren Cuccurullo, vocalist Dale Bozzio, and drummer Terry Bozzio.
They went on to add bassist Patrick O'Hearn and keyboardist Chuck Wild.Dale's quirky voice and heavy makeup made the band a favorite on MTV in the early 1980s.
Her revealing outfits played a pivotal role in moving the culture of music videos towards that of overt sexual exhibitionism.Dale and Terry Bozzio met while working with Frank Zappa, and they married in 1979.
Cuccurullo encountered the pair while contributing to the Zappa album Joe's Garage.
O'Hearn was also a former member of Zappa's touring band, and Wild had played with a variety of bands before joining.2001In late 2000, Cuccurullo and Dale Bozzio again began discussing a Missing Persons reunion.
In May 2001, after Warren's split with Duran Duran, the new Missing Persons appeared, consisting of original members Warren, Dale and Terry.
Joining them were Dale's keyboardist, Ron Poster (jazz pianist and organist for the Boston Bruins home hockey arena) and Warren's bassist, Wes Wehmiller (also formerly Duran Duran's tour bassist from 1997–2001).
The short-lived, official reunion consisted of promotional activities and three live performances in July 2001.
The studio tracks "Dark And Dangerous Guy" and "Throw Money" that appear on "Lost Tracks" were recorded at this time, as well as the live performances of "Face To Face" and "Give" on the same album.
The recordings are characterised by Dale's lower vocal range over the years.2002/2003Late 2002/early 2003 brought "Missing Persons Featuring Dale Bozzio and Warren Cuccurullo." Filling in were keyboardist Ron Poster, bassist Wes Wehmiller and drummer Joe Travers (formerly in Cuccurullo's solo band and Duran Duran's tour drummer from 1999–2001).
This version of Missing Persons was featured on Access Hollywood (performing "Destination Unknown") and did three live performances in February 2003, disbanding shortly thereafter.2011On May 11, 2011, it was announced on Dale Bozzio's website that "Dale and Warren have reformed Missing Persons for an incredible reunion tour in anticipation of the 30th Anniversary of Spring Session M, the band's groundbreaking, certified-Gold album originally released in 1982." In the same announcement, Terry Bozzio's absence in this reunion was explained by stating that "rock bands are dysfunctional families at best, and sometimes, the show just can't go on with all on-board." As of July 18, 2011, Dale Bozzio and Warren Cuccurullo have played several 'reunion' shows in the southern California area, with a new line up of musicians, and have scheduled additional shows throughout the end of the year.
Prescott Niles of the Knack is playing bass for the group.Failed reunion attemptsA 1994 attempt to reunite the band failed.In a June 2010 interview, Warren Cuccurullo revealed that, prior to the end of 2009, he had tried to reunite Missing Persons for the band’s 30th anniversary.
Expressing concern for Dale Bozzio, Cuccurullo identified issues surrounding her as reasons for the reunion not having materialized.In 2011, reuniting once again for the Missing Persons 30th Anniversary tour Cuccurullo and Dale Bozzio played shows in California and Nevada.
More shows were planned, however, those did not take place.Reunions of former membersSince 1986, Warren Cuccurullo, Terry Bozzio, and Patrick O'Hearn have continued to support each other's solo projects.
From the late 1980s through the 1990s, Cuccurullo and Bozzio performed on some of O'Hearn's albums.
Recently, Patrick O'Hearn performed in a jazz fusion group called OUTtrio with Terry Bozzio, and Bozzio is featured on Warren Cuccurullo's CD Playing in Tongues that was released in March, 2009.


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