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MORENO MUSIC was founded in 2005 as a company composing music for film, tv, multimedia and commercials. Customers are BMW, Vodafone, MTV, German TV, HBO,....Its founder Chris Gilcher aka Cris Moreno / Doc Floyd is in the music business for a long time, composing for and producing different acts and projects:Levitation (feat. Cathy Battistessa) - More Than Ever People (Cafe Del Mar 5)Jelly&Fish - Virgin Rec. / Cafe Del Mar 5Creme Fresh - Housetracks on Several CompilationsJ.F. Sebastian - Ambienttracks on Several CompilationsKate Bush - Running Up That Hill (Authorized Remix)Oomph - Gekreuzigt (J&F Remix 1997) and others......He has a strong bond to the island of Ibiza, where some of his friends and partners live. Ingmar Hänsch (Movin' Sounds), DJ Sweep (in Munich ;) Cathy Battistessa, Benji Hanx and Arian 911 (OMM Sounds), Paco Fernandez. Thanx, couldn't have done it without you guys!!!! With the project "Moreno" he tries to combine all his strengths and influences to a whole that represents his different musical paths. From being a rock guitarist, composing on 8 Bit computers, producing Ambient and Chillout tracks, to writing for orchestra. The project is still in its initial phase. Stay tuned for future updates! Yours sincerely, Chris...


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