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A compter du 1er janvier 2020, Radionomy migrera vers la plateforme Shoutcast. Cette évolution s’inscrit dans la volonté du groupe de proposer à tous les producteurs de radios digitales de nouveaux outils professionnels pour mieux répondre à leur attente.

Shoutcast est depuis longtemps le leader mondial de la radio numérique. Il fournit des statistiques détaillées, et aide ses utilisateurs à développer leur audience. Plus d’un millier de partenaires relaient les stations de Shoutcast sur leurs applications et appareils connectés.

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CareerTorsten Stenzel began his musical career early in his childhood, learning the piano from the age of five when he began his classical training.
In the early 1990s his musical orientation changed, and he discovered the growing techno/house movement.
He built his own recording studio.
Torsten Stenzel is credited for several gold and platinum awards, an 'Echo' nomination and over three million record sales.Jörg Stenzel has, since the age of eleven, been interested in stringed instruments, the guitar in particular.
The two brothers combined their talents in 1997 and project 'York' was born.York has released four successful UK singles.
Their first single, "The Awakening", reached #11 in the UK Singles Chart in October 1999.
Their second single, "On The Beach" (which sampled Chris Rea's song, "On The Beach") was their biggest hit, the 'CRW edit' helped the single to reach #4 in the UK chart in June 2000, and it sold over 200,000 copies.
The next chart entry "Farewell To The Moon" reached #37 in November 2000.
Their final UK hit single to date was "The Fields of Love" which featured ATB.
It reached #16 in January 2001.York joined the label Offshore Music (based in Switzerland) in 2004, with their club hit singles "Iceflowers" (playlisted by Judge Jules) and "Mercury Rising".
The same year their album Peace was released by EMI Music Switzerland.
In November 2010, York left the Offshore Record Label.As of late 2011 York is signed to the major Dutch dance record label Armada Music.
A new album "Islanders" was released 28 September 2012, with three tracks released as singles; "Wanna be Known", "Touched By God" and "Salida Del Sol".
The track "Islanders" is a collaboration with British multi-instrumentalist & composer Mike Oldfield.In February 2013 a new collaboration with Mike Oldfield was released; the album Tubular Beats is an album with the best of Mike Oldfield's tracks, remixed by York.The new album is expected to be released early 2014.Singles discography"The Awakening" (1998)"Jastamba" (feat.
Jamila) (1998)"On The Beach" (1999)"The Fields of Love" (feat.
ATB) (2000)"Farewell To The Moon" (2000)"Yesterday (Silence)" (feat.
Alaska(2001)"Reachers Of Civilization" (2001)"I Need You" (2004)"Sunset Road" (feat.
DJ Shah) (2004)"Iceflowers" (feat.
Angelina) (2005)"Mercury Rising" (feat.
Asheni) (2006)"Moonrise On The Beach" (feat.
DreamMan) (2010)"Wanna Be Known" (feat.Brandon Jones) (2011)"Red Violin" (feat.
Rebels Without A Cause and Lola Grover) (2012)"Touched By God" (2012)"Salida Del Sol" (feat.
Steve Brian) (2012)"Swan Dive" (2012)"Nightmare" (feat.
JPL) (2013)"The Awakening 2013" (2013)"A.F.R.I.C.A." (vs.
DJ Shog and Vintage & Morelli) (2013)"If Only I" (feat.
Tarja Turunen) (2013)"Daydream" (feat.
Thrillseekers and Asheni) (2013)"Across The Ocean" (vs.
and Asheni) (2013)"On The Beach 2013" (2013)"Lost Under The Sun" (feat.
Jennifer Paige) (2013)"Unchain Your Soul" (feat.
Steve Brian) (2014)"Lost In A Circle" (feat.
Hammer & Asheni) (2014)"With You" (meets Deep Voices feat.
Alexander K.G.
Klaus) (2014)


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