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As of January 1, 2020, Radionomy will migrate towards the Shoutcast platform. This evolution is part of the Group’s wish to offer all digital radio producers new professional-quality tools to better meet their needs.

Shoutcast has been a leader throughout the world in digital radio. It provides detailed statistics and helps its users to develop their audience. More than a thousand partners carry Shoutcast stations to their connected apps and devices.

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Born native of Marlboro Ma represents the breath of fresh air the soul of hip hop was needing for revival!A.O. Stands for Aaron Odum his real name. he firmly believes that a tru artist is a portrayl of oneself there for hes goes by his family known nickname King A.O. His dominance for lyrical percision and creativity comes from his extensive knowledge of older skool hiphop artists like Nas Talib Qweli Mos Def Common Eminem AZ Cannibus & Busta Rhymes. He also makes it a point to study his peers that challenge him lyricly on tha come up like J.Cole Drake & Lupe particularly for his influence of music with purpose in a industry of sellouts and gimmicks.A.O. started writing lyrics in the 2nd grade and has mastered the art down to a techinqe that is shows Versitlity and content are key to bringin a universal sound to hiphop.His Mission is to make hiphop a global icon of postive motivation instead of negative discrimination that influance our younger generation heavily. true arists should never have to pose as someone they arent jus for record sales. music is ment uplift and give a message to help the betterment of tha world as a whole.Up untill now A.O. has recorded mixed and wrote all of his Mixtapes Starting from tha 1st Chapter to Vision From Tha Top A.O. has progress in quantum leaps as not only a lyricst but as song writer.Upon listing to just a verse from the talented young artist you will observe that he has well developed guidelines and structure to his content and delievery.A.O.'s insite and movement that has to be discoverd and touched upon a time bomb waitin for tha perfect second to unleash his fury on a industry that will not be able withstand his ungodly force

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