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Dirty aka D.I. is a Recording Artist/Photographer/Cinematographer born in Dallas, TX. D.I. was not your normal all he wanted to do since he was a kid is be an artist story. Growing up in Dallas,Tx he was always involved and drawn to art, film & music alike. At age 14 D.I. moved with his father to Waco, TX, where he further developed his skills for rapping, voice control and songwriting as he really started to grow up. During his years there D.I. had the opportunity to watch and learn from Super producer-Artist S1, Artist-Graphic Designer Myth of S.F.P and the Singer/Songwriter Lady. D.I.'s journey then lead him too Aviano Italy as a member of the Air Force. Wanting to keep creating music and build on his talents, In Italy D.I. joined a group of artist from all different parts of the states called I.U.C., where he met JAY FREEZE. The two went on to form the Rap Duo Southern Comfort and released their first LP Southsideparlayin with Master Engineer/Producer Irko, which in its own right was a great success for two independent artists. Then moving on to Florida D.I. continued to fine tune his skills by going to school for Music Technology where he later picked up the camera and started adding the visual expressions. Meeting R&B Artist-Producer-Engineer TREJA during this time was a key addition to the music and sound coming from the camp. Dirty's deep musical influences originate from hip hop, rap, 90's R&B, jazz, blues and artist like UGK, Outkast, 2Pac,Jay-Z, and Emenim just to name a few. The rest as they say is history. Amongst life the experiences it brings ,his love for music, and lots of traveling, are the things that inspire D.I. to be the artist he is today. D.I. has worked we with many artist from around the world in many different genres and various Dj's to solidify his brand and company. SOCO!! S/O To the FAM!! Download Free Safe & Secure SANGRIA & POTPOURRI NOW!! and check out D.I. visual work on VIMEO.Albums/MixtapesMixtapes- SANGRIA & POTPOURRISANGRIA & CIROCListen to Dirty on any Jay Freeze/ Young Treja albums or mixtapes.Albums- Sangria Muziq

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