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Worldbeat / Fado / Morna / Pop / Medieval

UbuntuFM World Radio | Music that connects! | UbuntuFM covers a wide range of musical styles. | The format of the station is MUSIC | We are one, so is the music! | #UbuntuFM #AfroPop #Reggae #Soul #RnB #Blues #Pop #Rock #Funk #Latin #Dance #Jazz | Music from the 60’s up to this decade. Musician’s music. Mostly in #English, but also in #African #French and #Spanish languages.

Last tracks played

Bob Dylan

I Believe In You - Slow Train Coming

on air

Les Freres Guisse

Metro - Boulot - Dodo - Putumayo Presents: Cafe Del Mundo

Norah Jones

Burn - Day Breaks

Roxana Amed

Lonely People (Studio Live - Acoustic) - Instantáneas, Studio Live Sessions

Phil Sounds

Summertime Has Gone - Country Series

Ruth Joy

Remind Me - Pride And Joy

Kate Bush

Pi - Aerial