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Dance Rock / Hip-Hop / R'n'B / Rap / Dance - Clubbing

UbuntuFM Hip-Hop Radio | Your Heart set to the world's great beats | #HipHop #Rap #RnB #DnB #Urban #EDM #WorldBeat

Last tracks played

Strong A.R.M.

Survival Of The Crunkest (ft. Mane, Delah, LC) - Strongulation

on air

Bootsy Collins

Boomerang (feat. Justin Johnson) - World Wide Funk

Joyner Lucas

Gucci Gang (Remix) - Rap Series

Sanas M

Deep One Daypoetic (ft. Mabo Poetic) (Funky Mix) - Bophelo

Jimmy Cliff

Haunted - Breakout


A Moment In the Sun Interlude - Black America Again

True Music

Burning (Out West) - Hip-Hop Series