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2 Artists: 1. Rapper from Søgne/Grimstad, Norway. 2. Rapper from Piestany, Slovakia. Member of Kontrafakt (Rytmus, Ego, Aneska) 9 Bands: 1. Band from Gdańsk, Poland. Alternative, rock, Grzegorz Nawrocki, pre - Kobiety 2. Band From Caracas, Venezuela. PunkRock Melodic. 3. Band from Germany. Rock. OneHitWonder "In meiner Welt bin ich ein Star" 4. Band from Madrid, Spain. Melodic Crust 5. Indiepop band from Montpellier, France They released a record in Matinée recordings "La main devant la bouche" (2001). Guitar melodic pop with lush orchestrations.

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