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As a loose collective of musicians assembled by front man and songwriter Robin Proper-Sheppard, Sophia were formed after the sudden and tragic death of friend and bass player Jimmy Fernandez and untimely end of his former band, the massively influential The God Machine. Steadily evolving since the stripped down introspective melancholy of their 1996 debut ‘Fixed Water', ‘The Infinite Circle' (1998), 2001's string-accompanied live album ‘De Nachten', ‘People Are Like Seasons (2004)', ‘Technology Won't Save Us' (2006) and ‘There Are No Goodbyes' (2009) Sophia are currently a truly unique proposition, trading in what Drowned In Sound calls ‘considered widescreen brilliance' and The Daily Telegraph describes as ‘Easily a match for the big, universal songs of Flaming Lips or the Verve… deserves to be massive. Realist romanticism, to be loved long-term…'.


Hot tracks

Sophia - Holidays Are Nice (New Version Radio Edit)

Holidays Are Nice (New Version Radio Edit)


Sophia - Is Easy To Be Lonely

Is Easy To Be Lonely