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Yamashita tomohisa

Yamashita tomohisa

Yamashita Tomohisa, formerly known as Aoki Tomohisa was born on April 9, 1985 in Chiba, Japan. He is commonly known by his knick name YamaPi, Pi or P-chan. The nicknames was given to him by his senpai Takizawa Hideaki, who one days when he saw Yamashita wearing a pink shirt gave him the name YamaPink - shortened to YamaPi. Yamashita Tomohisa is an Aries, weighs 60 kg, is 175 cm tall and has blood type A. He lives in Tokyo, Japan, and has a sister named Rina and a mother named Naomi. He speaks fondly of his sister in his diary and they seem to have a good relationship.

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