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Wu Lyf

Wu Lyf

WU LYF, an acronym for World Untalented Lucifer Youth Foundation, are an up-and-coming post-gunge/hypnagogic pop band from Manchester, UK. Known for their expensive line up, current members are Levi L▲wrence, Dugan N▲sh, C▲l McV▲nd▲leyes, Dick Funk, H▲nnah Mort, Ry▲n Thomas Doyle, Thom▲s David, Fr▲ncis McClunge, Otis King, Joseph Louis, H▲rland M▲nning, S▲r▲h Louise Unwin, Pumpernickel Br▲cket and M▲rk Christi▲n Edw▲rds.

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