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RYTHEM (リズム, Rizumu) is a Japanese female duet: - Yui Nītsu (ゆいにいつ) on piano Real name: Nitsu Yui (新津 由衣), a.k.a "Yui" Birthday: 17/8/1985 - Yukari Katō (ゆかりかとう) on guitar Real name: Katō Yukari (加藤 有加利), a.k.a "Yuka" Birthday: 3/4/1985) Notable songs: - Harmonia (ハルモニア), 2nd ending theme song for Naruto (episodes 26-51) - Hōkigumo (ホウキ雲), 1st opening theme song (episodes 1-29) and 7th ending theme song for Yakitate!! Japan (episode 69)

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