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Siniestro Total

StyleTheir first album, ¿Cuándo se come aquí? (When do we eat?), features very short songs, with a marked punk style.
In the second one, Siniestro Total II: El Regreso (Siniestro Total II: The Return), songs are essentially punk, but more instruments come to play.
In the third one, Menos mal que nos queda Portugal (At least we still have Portugal), the punk evolves to a more classical rock, although lyrics are still punk.
In the fourth one, Bailaré sobre tu tumba (I'll dance over your grave) the rock style continues.
The fifth and sixth ones, De hoy no pasa (Today is the last time) and Me gusta cómo andas (I like the way you walk), the rock is still softer, becoming power-pop, whereas the lyrics continue being punk in essence.The seventh, En beneficio de todos (For the general good), they get back to rock, and lyrics evolve and become more complex.
The eighth and ninth ones, Made in Japan and Policlínico miserable (Miserable clinic), feature a harder rock (even heavy metal, and lyrics are darker and critic.
In their tenth album, Sesión vermú (Vermouth session), the rock is softer.
They make an unexpected turn in their eleventh album, La historia del blues (The history of blues), and they play blues, with lyrics based in someone else's work (Jack Griffin).
With the twelfth one, Popular, democrático y científico (Popular, democratic and scientific), they return to rock, with a style close to grunge.


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Bailaré Sobre Tu Tumba