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There have been at least four distinct bands called Illusion. Illusion (1): Polish band mixing thrash metal, hardcore & hard rock, formed in 1992 by Tomasz Lipnicki (vocals, guitars), ex-vocalist of she and Skawalker, Jurek Rutkowski (guitars) and Paweł Herbasch (drums) and joined by Jarek Śmigiel (bass) in August of the same year. 'Illusion' released 5 albums: Illusion (1993), Illusion 2 (1994), Illusion 3 (1995), Illusion 4 - Bolilol Tour (1996, live in Elbląg) and Illusion 6 (1998) before they broke up in 1999. In 2008 the band returned for a single live show in Wrocław.

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