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✪ Sparrow ✪ There are more artists exist under the name "Sparrow" ➀ Sparrow is led by Jason Zumpano of Zumpano fame. They recently released a second album on Absolutely Kosher records. ➁ A Chinese rock band Their self-released first EP call "Sparrow" (10, 02, 2010) Track listing 01. Marks On My Hand (Intro) - 02:53 02. Now! Restarting! After 11 Months - 03:45 03. Double Treble - 04:56 04. Move Movie - 05:32 05. Rollercoaster Use For Rollerskate - 04:21 06. Outro - 01:37 I want to please our Chinese rock friends to expand the informations about this young band.

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