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As of January 1, 2020, Radionomy will migrate towards the Shoutcast platform. This evolution is part of the Group’s wish to offer all digital radio producers new professional-quality tools to better meet their needs.

Shoutcast has been a leader throughout the world in digital radio. It provides detailed statistics and helps its users to develop their audience. More than a thousand partners carry Shoutcast stations to their connected apps and devices.

Discover the Shoutcast solution.


BiographyHe was the son of the psychoanalyst Françoise Dolto and the physiotherapist Boris Dolto.
He also obtained a diploma in 1961 at l’École française d'orthopédie et de masso-kinésithérapie, headed by his father.At the age of 14 he met Johnny Hallyday, who befriended him.
He was renamed Carlos in 1958, in homage to the percussionist Carlos "Patato" Valdes.
He then became Hallyday's artistic assistant.
From 1962 to 1972, he was Sylvie Vartan's artistic assistant, and it was he and Vartan who discovered Mike Brant, whom they brought to France in 1969.Carlos was heavily overweight and cultivated a jovial countenance, and adopted a look similar to the singer Antoine, with leis and Hawaiian shirts.
In 1980, he became a spokesman for the Oasis brand fruit drink, with his song "Rosalie" (a cover of George Plonquitte singer of Typical Combo, a group Guadeloupean) being used in their television advertisements.In 1988, he was named the mascot of the amusement park Mirapolis, open in the Val-d'Oise, which quickly went bankrupt.
He ran for office in the local elections in Courdimanche in 1989, but was not elected.
He regularly participated in the radio program Les Grosses Têtes of Philippe Bouvard and had his own cartoon, Around the World in 80 Dreams (Les aventures de Carlos), in 1992.
He was also the narrator of the French version of Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids (T'as l'bonjour d'Albert).
From 2000 to 2007, he directed documentary films for the series Le Gros homme et la Mer (The Fat Man and the Sea), for the stations Odyssée and Voyage.Carlos died in January 2008 of cancer in Clichy and was buried in Bourg-la-Reine cemetery beside his mother, Françoise Dolto, and his father, Boris Dolto.


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