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Suara (Akiko Tatsumi 明子巽) is a female Japanese singer signed under F.I.X. Records, produced by Lantis Co. Some of her most prominent songs have been featured as opening/ending themes of several anime and video games. OP/ED Themes in Anime (in Chronological Order): ToHeart2 「トモシビ」 "Tomoshibi" - Ending Theme うたわれるもの (Utawarerumono) 「夢想歌」"Musouka" - Opening Theme あさっての方向。 (Asatte no Houkou.) 「光の季節」"Hikari no Kisetsu" - Opening Theme ToHeart2 OVA 「一番星」"Ichiban Boshi" - Opening Theme KimiKISS ~Pure Rouge~

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