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Oxmo Puccino

Oxmo Puccino

Oxmo Puccino is a French hip hop musician. Abdoulaye Diarra - his real name - was born in 1974 in Mali. He came to Paris one year later, and lived in the XIXe arrondissement from the age of 5. He is the brother of basketballer Mamoutou Diarra. Albums • 2009: L'Arme De Paix • 2006: Lipopette Bar • 2004: Le Cactus de Sibérie • 2001: L'amour est Mort • 1998: Opéra Puccino Appearances • 1996: Pucc. Fiction • 1997: Mama Lova • 1998: Esprits Mafieux • 1999: Black December • 2000: Les plus class

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