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Bernard Minet

Bernard Minet (born 28 December 1953 as Bernard Wantier) is a French singer and actor.He started his career in the Pas-de-Calais in 1969 and arrived in Paris in 1970, where he was part of several bands during his studies: "Pop", the "Baloches" and the "Golf Drouot." In 1974 he won first prize in percussion at the Conservatoire national de Paris.
In 1983 he started a collaboration with Dorothée and joined the band les Musclés as drummer.
He also pursued a career as a solo artist.He also played in 482 episodes of the Salut les Musclés and la Croisière Foll'Amour sitcoms.In '80s and '90s early, he recorded French songs for the Bioman, Turboranger and Winspector series.
The melodies and lyrics have little relationship with the original songs of these series.


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