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Christafari is a Christian reggae band formed in 1990.
It is centered on the personality of ordained religious minister Mark "Tansoback" Mohr (born October 23, 1971), an American, born-again Christian.
Until the age of 17, Mohr was a Rastafarian.
The essential goal of Christafari is to promote Christianity to all people; including Rastafarians.RastafariSome Rastafarians are offended because Christafari members wear dreads and use their colors (red, gold and green) and the Star of David (an image prominent in Rastafari culture) in an attempt to become all things to all men and bring Rastas to Christ.
Some Rastafarians reject this approach and view Christafari's message as a direct attack on the divinity of Selassie I.
Christafari argues that they are only fulfilling the challenge set forth by Haile Selassie himself who publicly denied being Christ and said, "Let us labor to lead our sisters and brothers to our Saviour Jesus Christ." Selassie was an Ethiopian Orthodox Christian and many Rastafarians identify themselves as such, though others identify as Jewish by religion and Rastafari by ideology.ChristianSome Christians are offended because Mohr and other band members wear dreadlocks and sing in a style typically associated with Rastafari.
They have also criticized Mohr over the name of the group and the use of the word "Jah" in songs to refer to the Judeo-Christian God.
The band has previously defended the use of the word with the argument that "Jah" is a shortening for "Yahweh" (also spelled "Jahweh") as used in the Bible.
They are not the only Christian musical group to do this however, a primary example is P.O.D..


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