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Duke Street - You Don't Love Me

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Mark Massey - How Long

Generation Blues Experience - Sugar Momma (Feat. Ray Goren, Jamie Powell & Sammy Lee)

Kirk Fletcher - I Smell Trouble

Dave Specter and Jimmy Johnson_ - You Don't Love Me

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A Better Classic Blues Vintage Radio Station plays all of the classic Blues gems that you will not find anywhere else on the net. Featuring all of your favorite artists and sound recordings from the Delta to New Orleans.

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FUNKY BLUES music is characterized by a syncopated beat, modulated bass line and funky guitar and keyboard rhythms. We play only our favorite hand-picked funky tunes to help you get your Mojo workin'. Follow us and listen 24 x 7 to your favorite funky blues grooves!

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Bienvenidos a Feeling the blues , la radio online que escucharas la musica que me apasiona el blues.Espero que os guste, disfrutar y sobre todo sentir el blues saludos y salud de Feeling the blues. GRACIAS

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