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Basement Jaxx - Summer Dem

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Party Ben - Machine Gun Shelter

Outlines - Now That I'm Free

Public Enemy - Welcome to the Terrordome

Thomas Dybdahl - Something Real

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Mix Tape Radio By HI54LOFI

Remember mix tapes? Those really good ones that dipped into multiple genres and played a mix of stuff you already liked and had never heard of? That's what this station is. Because life is too short for morning djs and Top 40. (

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Toutes les tendances des musiques actuelles sont sur Eklektik ! Sans oublier les indispensables de la musique...

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A simple radio for all otakus, In spanish! Una radio sensilla para todos los otakus ¡En español!

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MADE IN FRANCE... Arnaud Montebourg l'écoute tous les matins au p'tit dej.

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