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Richard Marx - Until I Find You Again

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Chris Daughtry - Home

Mariah Carey & Westlife - Against All Odds

Sam & Toni - If Ever You're In My Arms Again

Michael Cretu - Love Me

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Pour passer des instants tranquilles , les plus beaux morceaux des années 70 à nos jours sont sur KIFcool, Soft Pop, Rock, Soul & Top 40, des moments à la cool ...

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The best Pop, Rock & Ballads of the A-Team Era. It`s like the Soundtrack to a John Hughes film. And the 50p you find down the side of the Sofa - As a Bonus we have added some old VHS Tapes of Classic Comedy Sketches... Magic

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Easy Time

Easy Listening

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Pop Up!

Pop Up! is dedicated to pop music (Eurobeat, Hi-Nrg, Scandinavian pop, J-Pop...). If you want to hear great pop songs from all over the world, don't look any further.

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More variéty... so élégant !

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