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Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson

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Real Name: Michael Joseph Jackson

Occupation: Singer
Date of Birth: 29/08/1958

Michael Jackson is the King of Pop and is the U.S. belongs to the family of the most famous families of the singing Jackson family, which celebrated the passage of 30 years to get into the music world, but the youngest son Michael is definitely the star of the family.
And Michael is the child's seventh in the Jackson family of nine sons and daughters of music lovers, and Michael was and is in the age of nine-year-old singer of a band "Jackson Five", consisting of him and four of his brothers that soon a has gained wide fame and success quickly Bognethm exciting " I want you to go back. "
And had the band became famous all over the United States, making U.S. President Reagan and reliable in his election campaign and make it a special evening hosted by a guest at the White House also received the Queen of England in person at a party held at the royal court.
During the eighties hit Michael in the history of record sales of music CDs and tapes He sold about 110 million cylinder bar and entered this name in the book "Guinness" Guinness World Records.

Of the most distinctive albums album "Threyller" and is considered the best albums made more sales in history. And latest album, "Invincible," which continued to be prepared for more than four years, who participated by many famous songs and movies such as Will Smith and others.

Since his childhood he sing, since an early age he astonished the world with his voice, the miracle of this child to the next scene you see the strength, let us approach him to let us approach the little boy who claims Michael Jackson
History .. Each of us carries the memory of his life history, like a short film resonates at any time, take it urethrae scenes of pleasure, joy and success, and we cut him a lot of scenes of failure and frustration. History! .. May determine the path of each one of us in this life.
History of what a man! .. May give us a stereo image and clear his character, history is an integral part of it, can not to this date it would be demolished in the overnight
Michael Jackson record date of golden success as a small child does not understand something, a record in the history of his love for his parents and his union with his brethren and making love is something essential in his life, Michael Jackson record in the history of his voice, he sings for love, and love, sang to the children of the world and the world, indispensable to the trickling water, groans the ground, even as a small child he did not taste the bitterness of this world yet, sang a song for his friend, the small "among", and perhaps raises Dgk if his friend told you that this is a small rabbit and small! , But imagine with me!! , This child prodigy who at age friend that this is happening a little creature says to him, that people do not care about you, but do not bother, I say I and me, now tell us we are
This is a simple overview of Michael's childhood
1958 in the 29 of August, Michael Joseph Jackson was born in Gary of the State of Indiana in the United States
1963 Michael with the fifth leading his first song, a song 'Climb Every Mountain' or "climb every mountain", the first song he performed in front of the public
1964 in this year, the father of Michael JACKSON 5 a task force consisting of Michael, and four of his brothers, and Michael was the youngest member of the band and the main Magnaha, note that the brothers had shared his singing sometimes
1965 Jackson Five band wins first talent competition at a school in Gary Roosevelt
1966, the band singing in clubs and colleges in Chicago and Indiana
1969 Michael Jackson, he moved with his family to the state of California
1970 Jackson Five band down her…


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