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Having lurked behind the scenes for years, MEDINA refused to fall prey to the trending role of the newly-signed, mogul-label emcee with star power-that likely ends up being stunted by the larger, more "seasoned" rap star veiled by a "CEO" title while secretly sabotaging burgeoning talent. Because of his unrelenting will to stay true to himself, MEDINA has walked away from big money deals that, in his own words, "weren't worth his soul." He, in fact, could be likened to the "needle in the haystack" because he will not be silenced with a check on a fishhook. While his fans have pinned him with the surname "The Six Million Dollar Man," he can, just as soon, think of six million reasons why he would rather starve than flock like industry sheep.Resisting the indulgence of showbiz lifestyle, this against-the-grain rapper stands stronger alone, so forget the slimy entourage of hype men, wads of cash and flashy image . . . no fluff. Being one of very few who stand firm on hip-hop's original cruxes (story-telling) and not wanting to forget what keeps him grounded, MEDINA keeps his delivery organic. While most of the emcees who talk about a lot of the same get the radio play and video spotlight, this lyricist remains true to the struggle many rappers toss away like a bad dream once they've "made it." Big chains, big cars and trendy clothes aren't this up-and-coming artist's symbols of success . . . neither are the half-naked, champagne drenched "video models." He's all about remaining true in an industry filled with self-indulgent illusions and fallacies. As hard as it may be to believe, so many of your "favorite rappers" have been committing theft by deception for quite some time. Through his career as a ghostwriter, the Newark, New Jersey native feels it's time to share his own journey. His intent, however, is not to express his pain to the masses while trying to convince his fans that indispensable spending bread and "ice" have forever numbed his wounds. Why? Because it does nothing more than perpetuate the false ideals of success. The diamonds are in his smile that he continues to rock despite his bouts with extreme hardship and the wealth is in his knowledge - all of which cannot be taken away.In the rapidly, morally deteriorating world called "hip-hop," MEDINA has crafted several sheets of lyrics for some of the most recognized multi-platinum selling artists today. So much so, he's casually referred to himself as "your favorite rapper's rapper." Medina mixtape "Block 2 Da Boardroom" featuring production from Timbaland, Polow Da Don, Dr. Dre, Mark Batson, T.A. (C.T.E.), Chyna Black and more available for free download @ and Medina's official blogsite



Armin Van Buuren - Medina - You And I (If You Should Go)

You And I (If You Should Go)


Medina - You And I

You And I


Burhan G Feat. Medina - Mest Ondt

Mest Ondt


Medina - Lonely



Medina - VI To



Medina - Gutter



Medina - Gutter



Medina - Forever



Medina - Happening