Unlike traditional FM radio, Adionomy lets you precisely target the people you want to reach. Your advertising targets the profile type and geographical location of the listeners you choose. Choosing Adionomy means choosing your target and improving the price per profile per power.

  • It's easy to create a custom advertising campaign.
  • You increase the number of potential customers connected and who, with a click, can place an order on your site.
  • You manage your own budget, you control your own expenses and you can start with a budget as low as €50.

You can check the efficiency of your campaign in real time, and you pay by CPM (cost per thousand).

From SOHOs to multinationals

Whether yours is an internationally renowned firm or a small local advertiser, Adionomy lets anyone share their message with a wide audience.

Adionomy is the perfect solution for your radio campaign on a small or large scale!

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