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Yu has a very happy personality as he manages to smile and laugh no matter what he's doing or where he is. Most likely due to his age, Yu is also fairly innocent as shown when he decided to join the Dark Nebula because he thought Ryuga was cool. He also loves food as he is frequently seen eating ice cream, pizza and various other items throughout the show. He is the #2 beyblader, behind Ryuga. He is the second player to defeat Ginga Hagane. However, Ginga managed to defeat him in Battle Bladers Tournament (1 vs 1) in the end. He also enjoys giving nicknames to most people. He calls Kyoya TateKyo (Yo-yo in the dub), Benkei as Benben, Kenta as Kenchi, Ginga as Gingi, and Hikaru as Hippity-hop.

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