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Born Dennis Brown Jr aka OFFSHORE came from humble beginnings in the Bahamas. OFFSHORE began penning rhymes at the age of 15. Which started as a hobby and an escape from the harshness of island living quickly developed into a passion for the young artist. Debuting on a local battle competition TEEN SCENE, offshore easily set himself as one of the islands best-kept secrets. His witty wordplay and vivid metaphors caught the ear of slip and slide affiliates Klapboard Records, which lead to collaborations with the popular artist D-BO. However, it was the smash single Pass The Torch that solidified OFFSHORE as one of the countries most promising rappers. Seeking a better way of life OFFSHORE would have to leave his home of 18 years and migrate to the United States. To take his music career to the next level he enrolled at the world-renowned audio engineering school Full Sail. What sets offshore apart from other artists is his complete creative control of his art. From production to engineering to song writing offshore displays tremendous talent for making music. His most recent hit broadcasted on the Caribbean music video channel Tempo "SHAWTY". With an undeniable track record "rapper turnt musician" OFFSHORE offers a breath of fresh air for an over commercialized industry. In 2010 offshore launched the digital label and released the first mixtape MR BROWN has already captivated the market. Quite clearly, OFFSHORE possesses not only the gift of music but also the dedication required to thrive in the Music Business.

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