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Southern California's 16 started in 1992 when founding members and longtime friends - guitarist Bobby Ferry, drummer Jason Corley and singer Cris Jerue needed a way to vent life's frustrations. The band recorded its first four songs that same year and released them as the "Doorprize" 2 X 7". Positive reviews and word of mouth led to the band being contacted by world renowned artist Pushead, about recording and releasing a 7" for his Fan Club. After hearing the next recording session, Pushead wanted to release a full length CD and 10" record. The "Crystal" 7" was released through the Fan Club in 1992, preceding the 1993 release of the band's first full length ("Curves That Kick") in the US and Japan. With a long list of local shows, more recording and the addition of bass player Tony Baumeister, 16 became stronger, and went on to release the Japanese only CD "Preoccupied," along with numerous 7" singles. Soon after, they embarked on their first tour of Japan in 1994. 16 recorded the critically acclaimed "Drop Out" record that same year. The band ended their relationship with Pushead, and "Drop Out" was finally released in 1996 on Pessimiser records. That same year, the band began recording and released "Blaze of Incompetence" in 1997, resulting in more local shows and a US tour followed in 1998. After the release of "Blaze of Incompetence," The band continued to play shows, record and release more 7" and 10" singles leading up to the release of "Zoloft Smile" on At a Loss Recordings in 2002. More local shows and a UK tour followed. Two more US tours followed, as well as their 2nd stint in Japan. In 2003, after releasing 4 full-length records and 15 singles and splits, 16 was laid to rest. Bobby and Jason focused on other projects and nothing seemed to bring the satisfaction that 16 did. Tony was involved in another project as well, and Cris just existed. In August of 2007, some random email and phone conversations led Bobby, Jason, Cris and Tony to get 16 back together again. A few months later 16 were approached by Relapse Records and joined the Relapse family. 2008 marks the 16 year anniversary for 16 and the band is currently recording their first record for Relapse. 16 are back with a vengeance and are here to stay. There have been a handful of small local shows and the band will be touring extensively around the world starting in early 2009. Turn up, tune down, give up...

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