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Charles Laquidara Radio

This is a Radionomy station

Miscellaneous / Rock'n'Roll / Comedy / Experimental / New Wave

Charles Laquidara Radio plays a variety of rock, nu-wave, and various classics peppered with hilarious comedy bits, song parodies and Mishegas segments from the infamous "The Big Mattress" radio show that aired on WBCN in Boston, MA from the 1970's to 1995, and WZLX in Boston from 1995 to 2000. You'll also hear Charles Laquidara introduce songs and talk about subjects that swim around in his eclectic brain. So much to say, so much to play!

Last tracks played

Fleetwood Mac

Oh Well

on air

Average White Band

Pick Up The Pieces [i]

Into Spots

Lisa T CLR

WBCN Production Crew

Genius is Pain Parody (Bleeped)


THURSDAY collage

Pearl Jam

Lightning Bolt

Led Zeppelin

Dazed And Confused

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