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Celtic Trad Radio

This is a Radionomy station

Celtic / Folk

Celtic Trad tunes above and beyond the usual mix of pub songs, and no "new age celtic" here. Just real trad, new and old, from pure drop to more contemporary, but always well within the traditional realm. Let us know what you think and what you'd like to hear!

Last tracks played

The Cassidys

Clare Reels - A Selection

on air

De Dannan

The Arrival Of The Queen Of Sheeba To Galway

Celtic Trad Promo 12a

Celtic Trad Promo 12a

Colm Murphy

The London Lasses/The Glass Of Beer/Dickie Dwyer's


Maguire's Welcome To Fermanagh / The Donegal Reel

Mick Kinsella, Damian Gallagher & Edel McWeeney

Bonnie Ann / Gan Ainm - Reels

Cherish The Ladies

The Jolly Seven/Rascal On The Haystack/Bonkers In Yonkers

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