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Merengue is a type of music and dance originated in Dominican Republic, which has become popular all over Latin America - even in those countries which formerly had their own type of music traditions. Merengue is first mentioned in the Dominican Republic in 1854. In the Dominican Republic it was promoted by Rafael Trujillo, the dictator from the 1930 to 1961, who turned it into the country's national music and dance style.

Last tracks played

Anthony Santos - Latin 1.0 Merengue (Cd 9) - Anthony Santos

La Mujer Que Yo Tengo

on air

Latin - Various Artists - Latin 6.0 Merengue (Cd 9) - Amarfis Y La Banda De Atakke

Los Grilleros

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Clase Aparte - Merengue (Clase Aparte)

Como Te Extraao

Malafe - Merengue

El Ladron

La Banda Chula - Merengue (La Banda Chula)

La Pela

Latin - Various Artists - Latin 6.0 Merengue (Cd 5) - Moreno Negron

Es El Flow