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My stage name is 'T-mar' and I am a singer but also I can rap, I have grown up around music since I was born.since I was young I have been Singing in church which is where I was brought up as I am Christian, and at school show's , I Always had a passion for mother and father are both musician's and have been singing since I was born , they are the people who inspired me to sing and use my talents for a good cause.before I started taking music seriously, I was a footballer and that was one of my passion's , it was only until late 2010 I started to go for music and now I am hooked on to it.My mother and father did try and train me as a singer but I did not take any notice , all I was thinking about was football but that has all changed now.I come from musical family , my grand father Errol Kennedy was the lead drummer for a group in the 80's called Imagination , they are still running up till this day and are still touring the UK, also my uncle Spencer Kennedy has he's own band which I perform with a lot and they go by the name of Earth Lights Boogie Band , they perform a lot in the UK and in London and are on the rise in the music industry.My father Michael Harding has he's own record label in Spain and has been living there with the rest of my family since 2008 , he also has he's own radio channel on the beat FM which is located in the Costa del sol and is the costa's number radio stationalso my auntie Grace Kennedy , had her own show for a period of time which was titled 'The Grace Kennedy show', she was also a very good singer and now a professional wedding planner and is still doing music as well.I am also songwriter/rapper, I also produce beats with the right software and I can also play the drums and I am beginning to learn biggest collaboration would be with immagination on an old 80's track called 'body talk', which i featured on the remix follow me on twitter TAMARMUSIC_TO KNOW MORE JUST INBOX ME :)


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