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Teddy Thompson


Teddy Thompson was born in London, England in 1976 and is the son of Linda Thompson and Richard Thompson (Richard & Linda Thompson), and the brother of singer Kamila Thompson. Teddy's style is difficult to categorize, because his influences are varied. Growing up around folk music, he listened to a musical gamut that covered Hank Williams, Jimi Hendrix, Sam Cooke and gospel. As he fell in with other musical progeny, most notably close friend Rufus Wainwright, his sound developed into his own combination of country/western, rock, and his father's folk-rock.

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  • Christmas

  • A Piece Of What You Need (UK Version)

  • A Piece Of What You Need

  • Up Front & Down Low

  • I Should Get Up

  • Separate Ways

  • Everybody Move It

  • Teddy Thompson