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Malouma is the first Mauritanian woman to introduce modern Mauritanian music. In 1998 her first album 'Desert of Eden' was released. Her music is a mix of traditional and modern sounds where she is melding western styles to the Moorish music of the Sahara and adding electric guitars to traditional instruments such as the four-stringed, lute-like tidinit. Anchored in tradition yet resolutely modern, inspired by the songs of the desert and immersed in the rhythms of the Senegal River, somewhere at the crossroads of West Africa...

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Run City 97.4

Une porte offerte au monde sur La Réunion et l'Océan Indien.

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Le meilleurs de la musique World, Africaine kabyle et arabe. Emissions de live et magazine culturel.

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La webradio qui vous invite à découvrir le monde en musiques.

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