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Sawt el Atlas

Sawt el Atlas

Sawt el Atlas (Arabic for "Voice of the Atlas", a mountain range across a northern stretch of Africa extending about 2,500 km (1,600 mi) through Morocco, Algeria, and Tunisia.) is a ten-piece band based in Paris. Their music combines many styles, including Arabic, ra├», reggae, funk, and Latin rhythms. The group features two sets of three brothers (the Mirghani and El Habchi brothers) and is fronted by tenors Kamel El Habchi and Mounir Mirghani. The group first came together in the late 1980s in the French city of Blois, when most of its members were teenagers or even younger. Soon they began touring through Europe, opening for the likes of Khaled, Cheb Mami, Youssou N'Dour, and Natacha Atlas. 1996 saw the release of their debut recording, Generaliser. Their sophomore effort, Donia, recorded equally in Paris and Cairo, was issued three years later. Love is the central topic of most of their songs, which feature lyrics in both Arabic and French.Band MembersKamel El Habchi (vocals)Mounir Mirghani (vocals)Abdelkrim El Habchi (keyboards)Adhil Mirghani (darbouki)Khalid El Habchi (drums)Samir Mirghani (congas, percussion)


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