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a brainchild of CHETAN KHAITAN , YUVA found its roots in the cold stingy hostel rooms of N.I.T.- durgapur. a little joy,,initial successes at small concerts, attracting eye-balls at youtube,,managing few claps from friends n seniors back at college added spice to the the growth of this band.yuVa is an Indian rock band from Durgapur, formed in 2011. After trying many line-ups CHETAN ( guitarist, songwriter,composer) finally found,,PRATEEP(guitarist),,SENTU (percussions)....!!!yuVa daringly points out the loose knots in our society...!!! so, what would you call them at first glance?bookworms?? NOgonna-be engineer? A BIG damn NOrock band members?WELL its for u to judgeherez 'YUVA' FOR U..!!


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