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Orxata Sound System

Orxata Sound System

Orxata Sound System is one of the most unusual musical collective from the electronic scene today. Born in 2003 in the city of Valencia, is characterized by the synergy of electronic dance music [from Electro, Techno, Drum&Bass and Dubstep to Ragga, Dub and HipHop\] seasoned with traditional Valencian tunes.The band consists of four singers, a trumpeter, a bassist, a DJ and a programmer/sampler. They have performed most of the Catalan-speaking area and made some tours around Germany, Austria, Belgium, France and Morocco. Since 2003 they have published all their work in the Internet under Creative Commons licenses and are one of the first bands to write their lyrics in a collaborative manner through a wiki site, winning numerous awards for their debut album, "1.0", and showing that Orxata Sound System faces a promising future.


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