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Katsuya Yokoyama


Katsuya Yokoyama (横山勝也; born in Shizuoka, Japan, 1934) is an internationally renowned player and teacher of the , the traditional vertical bamboo flute of Japan. He was the son of Ranpo Yokoyama, a renowned shakuhachi maker, player and composer. Yokoyama achieved international attention for his New York City premiere performance, in November 1967, of Tōru Takemitsu's composition November Steps, for shakuhachi, , and orchestra, with the New York Philharmonic, under the direction of Seiji Ozawa (with biwa player Tsuruta Kinshi).

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Wiccan and Magic atmosphere on radio Arcadie !

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Denna radio är tillägnad mina elever i franska, spanska och svenska. Här kan de både höra och tala franska, spanska och svenska. Cette radio est dédiée à mes élèves d'espagnol, de français et de suédois. Ils pourront ici s'exprimer librement. Laurence Gourlay

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New electro & associates music La radio des nouvelles tendances musicales et de la french touch

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Music from all around the world : mix, fusion, roots Música de todo el mundo, mezcla, fusión Musique du monde entier, world, mix, fusion, roots Musik aus der ganzen Welt, mix, Fusion Musica da tutto il mondo, mix, fusion, roots

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SNS Radio

Découvrez la radio du site pour vous transporter dans un monde musical différent de celui de Naruto.

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Galactik sensation sound

INDEPENDENT WORLD'S FINEST MUSIC PUSHING... G.S.S. plays a selection of finest recordings, with no discrimination, from every culture, of every colour...

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Stars 80s

RADIO Stars 80"s "La Music en Tête" !!! Première WebRadio sur les Années 80 .Bienvenue,

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