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Danny Mejia (lead singer) July 23 1985 "cancer" born and raised in the Bronx. Mother from La Romana, Dominican Republic father from D.R.. Steven Tejada (singer/choro)(A new addition to xtreme for the next album) November 25,1985 "Sagittarius" born in uptown Manhattan and raised in the Bronx. Mother and Father from Dominican Republic. XTREME was created and formed by 2 Strong Entertainment. The XTREME creation started in 2003 with Dre from 2 Strong Entertainments discovery of Danny Mejia (lead singer)...

Albums Xtreme

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  • Chapter Dos: On The Verge

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  • Devuelveme La Navidad

  • Baby, Baby

  • Chapter Dos

  • Through That Window (Enamorado Estoy)

  • Haciendo Historia Platinum Edition

  • Shorty, Shorty

  • Haciendo Historia

  • Xtreme