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BeginningsThe group's first album, X-treme was released in 2004 and reached #14 on the Top Latin Albums chart."Haciendo Historia", the group's second album, was released in late 2006 and peaked at #13 on the Billboard Top Latin Albums chart. The single "Shorty Shorty" has enjoyed similar success reaching #1 on the Billboard Latin Tropical Airplay chart and #2 on the Hot Latin Tracks chart.Their latest album, "Chapter tres", was released in 2008. Their lead single "Through That Window (Enamorando Estoy)" was a hit but did not perform as well as their previous single, "Shorty Shorty". "Lloro y Lloro" was therefore selected as a second single and given the success, a eight one, "Baby, Baby".


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Xtreme - Quisiera Ser

Quisiera Ser