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Back in 1990, Jaimy was one of the first Dutch producers who succeeded in making a living with house music. He obtained his first record deal at the age of 19 and being adopted by Amsterdam's Outland Records, just before their period of grandeur, Jaimy was responsible for a lot of the music coming out of the Outland studios. He collaborated with many Dutch DJs, and produced most of the other dance floor smashes. Few of these successes are the house classic ‘On The Discotrain', his remix of ‘I Gotta Let You Go' by Dominica and his ‘Keep on Pumpin' under the ‘Thyone Girls' moniker, which was licensed to the legendary Tribal America and reached #6 on Billboard.Around 1998 he met his musical partner Kenny D.Production wise, Jaimy & Kenny D released most of their stuff with Black Hole Recordings, but also signed tracks and projects to United Recordings, Combined Forces and Paul Oakenfold's Perfecto label. Their smash hit ‘Keep On Touchin Me', got picked up and reworked by Erick Morillo's Subliminal, and has been signed to Skint Records/Loaded for a UK re-release. They've remixed projects as Halo Varga ‘Future' on Hooj Tunes, DJ Taucher ‘Science Fiction' on Additive Records, DJ Tiësto ‘Flight 643' and Way Out West ‘Mind Circus' on Black Hole Recordings.2001 saw the birth of Jaimy & Kenny D's own label, Fatal Tracks, administered and distributed by Black Hole Recordings for 2 years. Among notable single releases like ‘Time', ‘Music=Our Future' and 'Like A Bitch', which is the opening track on Shasha & Digweed's album 'Communicate', Jaimy has put out the single CD compilation ‘Fatal Tracks vol1' and double CD compilation ‘Fatal Tracks vol2', plus the Jaimy & Kenny D album ‘Is There Any Other Way?'.In 2004 Jaimy took the independent route and set up his label Fatal Music. A year later, Drum Mode followed. Both labels represent the sounds of House that one can expect to hear when Jaimy steps behind the decks: soulful, vocal, funk, disco, dark, deep and dirty.For his labels he has collaborated with a diverse range of artists like Mario Calegari, Tedd Patterson, Peter Presta, Glen Friscia & Lamboy, Noa Tylo, Barton, Victoria Wilson James, Stephan K, Luca Ricci, Alan T and this list goes on and on.In 2006 and 2007 he remixed Roc & Presta ‘You', Barton ‘Don't Stop', Louie Balo ‘These Days', Danny Tenaglia ‘Dibiza', Stephan K & Creamer ‘I Wish', That Kid Chris ‘Didn't I Show You Love?', Angel Morales ‘What I'm Saying' and Patrick Dream ft Roy Davis JR ‘Real Deal'.Jaimy's style as a dj, is as diverse as his productions. He loves to combine all kinds of house genres. His sets are uplifting, pumping, sexy and funky. His weaponry of 100% exclusive tracks, unique sound and ability to blend all kinds of styles, distinguishes him of others. He is able to create unbelievable energy onto any dancefloor and he has rocked crowds in Canada, USA, Mexico, Portugal, Spain, Bulgaria and of course The Netherlands. Jaimy is an artist who lives to make people dance. A job he does very well: producing and dj-ing!


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