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Gary Go

Gary Go

Gary Go is a British singer, songwriter, producer and visual artist who has played shows across Europe, USA and Australia; including tours with Snow Patrol, Lady Gaga, Take That and Mika.His debut album "Gary Go" was released in 2009, spawning the hit single "Wonderful". The same year, Lady Gaga referred to Gary Go as "my favourite new artist this year" after performing a rendition of "Just Dance", inspired by his cover of the song.Gary Go went on to collaborate with electro pioneer and Grammy Award winning DJ Benny Benassi, writing and performing three consecutive number 1 club records. One of them being the smash club crossover hit "Cinema", which rose rapidly to number 1 on the US Billboard and UK Club Charts. "Cinema" was awarded a Grammy Award through the remix by electronic music producer Skrillex. Artist and producer Kanye West referred to the track as “one of the greatest works of art ever made”.In 2012, Gary Go released a videotape and original soundtrack entitled "Now Was Once The Future". The intimate short-film, written, directed and edited by Gary Go, chronicles the end of a relationship and a journey of self-rediscovery.According to his Twitter feed, Gary Go is currently in the studio, writing and producing new songs for release in 2014.Twitter & iPhoneGary Go has gained publicity and broad international media attention for his innovative, unconventional use of technology and social media tools. He successfully used Twitter as a tool for collaborative songwriting, and has written songs and performed via the iPhone.The track "The Heart Balloon" was conceived on the iPhone after uploading an image of a heart-shaped balloon entangled with a tree. Go then asked his Twitter followers to send in lyric suggestions. The track was given away as a download to raise money and awareness for the British Heart Foundation with all proceeds going to the charity.Gary Go also did special performances at Apple Inc. shops in London and New York, where he performed tracks with the iPhone and described how he used it as a composition tool. Gary Go is also known for his occasional online cover versions of various popular tracks on YouTube including "Dreams" by TV on the Radio, and "The (After) Life of the Party" by Fall Out Boy."My First Twook"In December 2011, Gary Go released his literary debut "My First Twook" — an illustrated collection of musings from his Twitter feed.The book contains over 100 tweeted thoughts from the Twitter feed of Gary Go, that were colourfully brought to life in illustrations by designer Flo Chaplin. In Gary Go's own words: "these are random thoughts, observations, musings. With an analogue heart, I wanted to bring some of these thoughts into the real world. Why not? What if the internet gets deleted!?" Limited edition copies of the book were given as a gift to artists performing at MTV Europe Music Awards in 2011.


Hot tracks

Gary Go - Wonderful



Gary Go - Open Arms

Open Arms


Benny Benassi Feat. Gary Go - Cinema



Benny Benassi - Cinema Featuring Gary Go [Radio Edit]

Cinema Featuring Gary Go [Radio Edit]


Benny Benassi - Control



Benny Benassi Feat. Gary Go - Let This Last Forever (Radio Edit)

Let This Last Forever (Radio Edit)