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Plan B

Plan B

Plan B is a Puerto Rican Reggaeton duo, consisting of Chencho (real name Orlando Javier Valle Vega, born in Guayama, Puerto Rico) and Maldy (Edwin Vázquez Vega, born in Guayama, Puerto Rico), who are co-working cousins. At an early age they had an attraction to Reggaeton music; all their efforts finally began to pay off in 1998 when they met the music producer, DJ Blass, who was preparing a Reggaeton compilation called @ria 51: Aliados Al Escuadron and released their first recording "Voy Subiendo" in 1999. At the time they were called "The Panic" until after their song "¿Qué Es Plan B?" from the album Reggaeton Sex Vol. 2 released in 2000. It had everyone wondering 'Plan B' and then Chencho and Maldy dropped their original names and Plan B was born.In 2002 they rose to fame, and released their first studio album, called El Mundo Del Plan B: Los Que La Montan. It featured collaborations with Daddy Yankee, Speedy, Rey Pirin, Great Kilo, Guelo Star, and other artists and producers. Chencho and now Maldy are both producers, Chencho has his own record label by the name plagio of Chencho Records, Maldy has his, Maldy Records. They released their second album in 2005 called Los Nenes Del Blin Blin. Maldy's album, released in 2007, was named Reggaeton De Markesina. Finally the duo released their third album in 2010 called House of Pleasure and released singles from the album such as "Si No Le Contesto" and Es Un Secreto.They have been featured in many productions including Luny Tunes & Noriega: Mas Flow (Song: Tu Sabes), DJ Sonic's "Los Abusadores", "Guatauba XXX". DJ Blass also from Guayama, Puerto Rico produced many of their songs including hits like "Frikitona", "Mencionando Tu Nombre", "¿Qué Es Plan B?", and more.


Hot tracks

Plan B - Mama (Loves A Crackhead)

Mama (Loves A Crackhead)


Plan B - She Said

She Said


Plan B - Prayin'



Plan B - Love Goes Down

Love Goes Down


Plan B - Writing's On The Wall

Writing's On The Wall


Amaro - Amor De Antes (Featuring Plan B & Nengo Flow)

Amor De Antes (Featuring Plan B & Nengo Flow)


Plan B - Fanática Sensual

Fanática Sensual


Plan B - Fanatica Sensual

Fanatica Sensual